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Our current position as market leaders in our field is mainly the result of our ongoing firm commitment to innovation and the development of our own products.

The key to our success is an in-house laboratory, set up decades ago, which focuses simultaneously on two areas: quality management and product development, as if they were a single process.

Thanks to this ongoing effort, today we have a five-people laboratory team and the latest technical equipment, placing us firmly at the market forefront as of quality assurance and consultation services.

The fact that we define our own manufacturing processes is yet another factor which sets us apart from our competitors. This is only possible thanks to our technical staff's expertise and their ongoing efforts to optimize all our processes.

Thus, we ensure a series of key capacities, such as a thorough knowledge of the product and the constant improvement of production processes.

Listening to our customers┬┤ needs is the base for a constant R+D activity on searching for better and ad-hoc performing products.

Flexibility and specialisation are the two pillars upon which we aim to base our future, maintaining our current position as market leaders, a position that has been achieved thanks to more than 40 years of intense work and effort

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