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The product quality we manufacture is one of the key elements of our business strategy. Over the past 40 years, our commitment to ensuring only the very best quality has been continuous.

Thanks to this, we are now at the forefront of our field and are today seen as a benchmark for other European manufacturers.

We have a Quality Management System in place certified in accordance with the international ISO 9001 standard since 1995. Each and every one of our employees has internalised quality as a basic concept and guiding principle for their everyday tasks and activities.

The trust placed by our customers in our products must be repaid with quality. For this reason, all the processes in our management system are geared towards ensuring continuous improvement, based on three basic pillars:

  • Fully committed human team to every product manufacturing step.
  • Close and personal customer service.
  • Close collaboration with raw material suppliers.

No organisation can operate effectively without being aware of what is happening around. It is of a major importance to ensure that our activities are based on a firm commitment to our society and environment, contributing to ensure a sustainable development.

In 2012, our Environmental Management System was certified in accordance with the international ISO 14001 standard, confirming our commitment to the environment as a basic strategic concept.

At UBIS, we work with the Best Available Technologies (BAT) in accordance with the European BREF reference guidelines.

This proves our firm commitment to the environment, and sets the sustainable development and the control of our environmental aspects at the heart of every day to day activity.

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