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Low Noise Carton Sealing BOPP Tape
Technical data
Backing Thickness 32  Micron
Total Thickness 54  Micron
Peel Adhesion 0.9  N/Cm
Tensile Strength 55  N/Cm
Elongation at break 100  %
Application Temperature 2 to 45  ºC
Service Temperature −25 to 65  ºC
Physical and performance characteristics shown above are obtained following tests recommended by AFERA and UBIS. The values given are typical values and do not constitute a specification. The user should determine whether the tape is suitable for the intended application.

Typical applications

Low noise carton sealing tape, suitable for manual dispenser application

Advantages and benefits
  • Excellent adhesion even in recycled cartons.
  • Excellent tack.
  • Long lasting adhesion.
  • Low noise, silent unwinding.
  • Once applied, ideal for storage in extreme temperature conditions and high moisture environments.
  • Backing: Biaxially oriented polypropylene clear film.
  • Adhesive: Natural rubber and hydrocarbon resins.
  • Color: Brown and Clear.

Tape performance is guaranteed within the first 12 months. Product must be kept in its original box and in a dry atmosphere away from direct sunlight. For product traceability, the production batch number on the box of the product has to be indicated.


Product does not contain any dangerous or unhealthy components. Security data sheets are available based on directive 91/155/EC. All our tapes comply with European 2004/12/CE Packaging directive.

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